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September 28, 2007

More news of new Latin Masses in churches that haven't seen Latin or incense since Vatican 2. This article accurately picks up the number of post-Vatican 2 children who also have an afinity for the Old Mass. They quoted one of the young attendees, Grace Allen, as saying, "That's how it used to be, I like the tradition."
First local Latin Mass in decades harks back to 'how it used to be'

September 25, 2007

A good article with great quotes: "They were saying, let's turn out the lights and meditate, and I was saying, when are we going to get to church teachings?" and "It's not all about language, I like the contemplative periods of silence. It gives you time to reflect on things." They also cover some of the interesting statistics from Ecclesia Dei.
City church to offer Latin Mass verbatim

September 18, 2007

More positive stories are making their way out through Catholic news distributors. In a recent CNS article John Thavis quotes Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos on many aspects of Summorum Pontificum. Most importantly Hoyos describes the ability to have a Latin Mass in any parish as "clearly a right of the faithful".
Vatican cardinal urges respect for people's right to Tridentine Mass

September 12, 2007

Many new parishes are announcing Latin Masses around the September 14th launch date specified in Summorum Pontificum. This article in the Nashua Telegraph does a good job of covering the story and not the spin. The strangest part is in the end when they get in to a discussion about what makes for a "liberal" or "conservative" Catholic.
City church to offer Latin Mass verbatim

September 8, 2007

Another member of the secular press, Bruce Deitrick Price of the American Chronical, has come out in favor of the Latin Mass even though he is not Catholic. Bruce argues that the educational value of Latin could further improve the education at private schools and he points out some of the benefits of children learning a second language. To put it in his own words, "I believe the Pope's decision is a great opportunity, both for spiritual enlightenment and educational advances."
A Letter to the Pope: How To Do Latin Right

September 6, 2007

In a shocking bit of good news, the first new American Catholic university since the release of Summorum Pontificum has announced plans for a Latin Mass. Notre Dame has scheduled the special Mass on Sundays at 8:00 AM, although not in the Basilica of the Sacred Heart.
Notre Dame To Offer Latin Mass in the Fall

September 2, 2007

In one of the most one-sided articles I've read on Summorum Pontificum, Pamela Podger of the Roanoke Times does a great job of interviewing a slew of priests and novus ordo faithful who are against the incease in Latin Masses. Pulling directly from the liberal playbook, she cites the lack of priests and fabricates the lack of parishioner interest. Fortunately she made her whole article a link to her e-mail address which will hopefully draw a large and tempered response.
Area priests see little demand for Latin Mass

August 28, 2007

John Allen has written a detailed article about the traditional Catholic movement which he calls "evangelical Catholicsm". Originally published in the National Catholic Reporter, Mr. Allen attempts to plot the course of the Church before ultimately concluding that the "evangelical" push, as he calls it, will continue. It may have been a simple misunderstanding of the common nomenclature, but he is most wrong when he asserts, "The evangelical impulse isn't exactly 'conservative,' because there's little cultural Catholicism these days left to conserve." I think anyone who has been to coffee after a Sunday Latin Mass knows that Catholic culture is flowing freely in traditional communities.
Reform rollback or emerging 'sane modernity' -- Evangelical Catholicism triumphant, Vatican watcher states

August 27, 2007

The upcoming Latin Mass on EWTN is proof that Summorum Pontificum has changed the landscape of the Latin Mass in the United States. With the recent apointment of Bishop Robert J. Baker to the Alabama diocese there may be more Latin Masses in store for EWTN watchers.
EWTN to Televise Tridentine Mass Celebrated by the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter